Broken links kinda suck...

TL;DR: I've broken some links on the site. It was intentional, but I think it's for the best.

Up until today I had a "notepad" section on my site, which was intended to contain shorter-form writing than a (quote) "full blog post" (unquote) which I wanted to make persistent but which didn't have enough substance or enough material for a piece of extended writing. I started the notepad back in January, as I had come up with a number of interesting things to write about in a short space of time, and I wasn't sure how best to organise them, so I decided to split off a subsection of my site for this. As it turns out, this spate of having-lots-to-write-about was short-lived, thanks in part to Real Life starting to get real again (insert complex numbers joke here).

I was doing a brief and long-overdue sweep and clean of my patches subdirectory, and on the way out I came across the blag and notepad directories. Seeing as the notepad has been lounging untouched for several months gathering dust, and my more recent blag posts have been shorter than past writings, I decided to merge the two sections to keep all my writings in the one place.

If anyone has worked out how the atom feed which the mess of shell scripts which runs this site allegedly generates actually works and was actively using it, this will probably cause some nonsense to happen in your feed reader -- sorry!